Our Story

Founder, Sandy Matheson, is on an adventure of his own to create a gin that truly captures the spirit and freshness of the Scottish mountains.


A year after establishing the company in 2016 - and 80 test distillations later - Sandy found the unique blend of botanicals that captures the essence of the Highlands and makes Granite North Gin stand out from the crowd. 

A keen hillwalker, Sandy has always been inspired by the dramatic landscape of the Cairngorms and the idea to create his own gin came while climbing Braeriach in the heart of the Cairngorms. Sandy has combined his love of gin and passion for the outdoors in a bold venture to create a new gin from the North East of Scotland. 

Our Gin

Taking its name from the rock so closely associated with the North East of Scotland, Granite North Gin is inspired by the rugged peaks and ancient forests of the Scottish Highlands. 

Hand-crafted in small batches, Granite North Gin is known for its smooth, clean and crisp palate, which carries vibrant notes of the grapefruit, bay and Cairngorms grand fir needles, which feature strongly in its creation. Warming in winter and refreshing in summer, the brand has become loved by gin connoisseurs throughout the UK.


Its outdoor personality is revealed in the subtle infusion of Grand Fir needles that complement the native taste of its juniper cousin, helping to summon the fresh aromas of the pure mountain air.

Our Awards
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