Award Winning Granite North Gin Reveal Fresh New Look – But Worry Not, The Gin is as Good as Ever!

Sustainability has always been integral to Granite North Gin. Distilled in the wilds of Scotland, and using fresh water and grand fir needles from the ancient forests to create the gin’s signature creamy and delicate taste, the brand understands the value of the natural, rugged landscape which it inhabits. Looking for ways to reduce the company’s environmental impact, the team landed on the decision to revamp its distinctive packaging. But while its look is fresh and new, the rich and distinctive gin remains the same.

What’s new for Granite North Gin?

It was COVID-19 that heralded the change for Granite North. Restricted from visiting the mountains he loved, the brand’s founder, Sandy Matheson, found himself contemplating the future. If the current degree of environmental degradation continues, he could see a time when there may be no wild walks to enjoy, with or without a pandemic. As a business owner, he was in a position to make a difference, at least at a local level.

More than a merely superficial makeover, Granite North Gin’s packaging has had a top-to-tail overhaul. The bottles are now lighter, which means less glass, lower production energy consumption, reduced transportation emissions, less CO2 and a happier and healthier planet… it’s also easier for you to carry home! While the updated labelling has a simplicity and tactility that are equally appealing.

In a nod to its Scottish heritage, the beautiful blue of the Saltire bands the gin’s bottle, while the lochs and rivers of Granite North’s home are evoked in the label’s design. The new look manages to be both fresh, resilient and welcoming all in one.

Founder of Granite North, Sandy Matheson, explains: ‘The water of the Cairngorms literally runs through Granite North. It’s part of what gives the gin its unique flavour and its soft mouthfeel. To not take care of the environment that created and sustains the business would be disrespectful at best, self-defeating at worst.

‘Gin has been produced in the Scottish Highlands for over 300 years. At Granite North, we’ve taken that tradition and added our own stamp to it, with our unique blend of ingredients and techniques. But it’s also hugely important to us that we preserve the landscape that we’ve inherited. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to improve the sustainability practices of the business.’

Granite North Gin

While Granite North’s packaging has changed, the award-winning gin within remains the same.

Hand-crafted in small batches, Granite North Gin is known for its smooth, clean and crisp palate, which carries vibrant notes of the grapefruit, bay and Cairngorms grand fir needles, which feature strongly in its creation. Warming in winter and refreshing in summer, the brand has become loved by gin connoisseurs throughout the UK.

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