Safety first, safety always!

hand washing

And with that in mind, Team GN will unfortunately be scaling back on our events over the next few weeks and months. It’s not an easy decision, but we believe it’s the right one!

What? No gin?

Our top priority is keeping you and our team safe! As much as we love meeting and telling you about our story, with the increasing spread of Covid-19, we believe it would be irresponsible to encourage close contact social gatherings and potentially put you and our employees at risk. We are all in this together and it’s a team effort to get us through this.

Seriously? No gin?

Many of the events we attend have several thousand people visit and we just love having a crowded stand! However, standing within 1m of someone who is coughing, and sneezing puts you at risk (and they may not even know that have covid-19) For the majority of people, thankfully this illness will be mild, and they will recover fully. However, for a small number of people including the elderly, they are at higher risk of complications, hospital admissions and even dying.

In addition, you may not always see them, but behind the scenes at every event are emergency services keeping you safe. While our NHS is under pressure, we need to support our healthcare system and free up our frontline staff to help those who need it most.

Will you attend any events?

Potentially. We may still attend trade shows and smaller outdoor market style events where the risk is much lower. We will be working closely with the local authorities, event organisers and keeping an eye on the up to date official advice. We are fully stocked up on disinfectant spray and hand sanitiser at HQ! For events we do attend, we will have hand sanitizer available, please help yourself!

So how will I get my hands on a bottle of Granite North Gin?

Don’t fear, production will continue as usual (with our super extra strict hygiene rules) and we will ensure our stockists are kept topped up for all your gin needs! Granite North Gin is also available online at and for 2 bottles of free Fevertree tonic, just enter the code GN2T!

Stay safe gin lovers and wash your hands!


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