Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Like all of us, our label machine can sometimes be a little temperamental! And as a result our labels aren't always perfectly straight (and we only only want you to have top quality gin) so... we have lots of empty bottles that aren't perfect for gin, but they are great for home projects!


Our empty bottles are excellent for upcycling to lamps, vases, table centres... so many options! The can either have the Granite North label or no label at all. 


We are offering them free to a good home, we just ask that you cover the cost of delivery. If you live within Aberdeen/ Aberdeenshire, feel free to pick them up at no cost at all. 


We will send you labelled 70cls as standard but we do have a limited supply of 50cl, 10cl and 5cls. Please drop us an email to chat about what we can do for you (and how you can help us reduce our carbon footprint)


Please note, these bottles are empty and do not contain gin!


Empty bottles

  • Our bottles are made of clear glass, holding 700ml. They are clean, but not sterile. They do not come with corks as standard, let us know if you would like corks.

    Height 193.2mm Diameter 96.1mm

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